How to get more sign ups without paid advertising

The good thing about adyoume is that they avoid automated traffic. The last time I used Hitleap to increase my earnings, they put restrictions on my account. It was no longer available to shorten links anymore. Instead, I will bring more referrals to sign up.
On the other hand, its not easy to succeed with affiliate marketing. It require traffic and marketing strategy. After long thinking, I tried to know how affiliate marketers make new users sign up for their products and services.
By chance, I had found a copywriting tutorial by Neil Patel. It was so exciting, he said that 'you should know what's unique about your product'. And to understand that complicated formula you can make a comparison between your product and the other products under the same niche.
For example: Adfly require having an activated Paypal account or Payoneer card to withdraw funds. adYoume on the other hand doesn’t require having any payment accounts. You can withdraw funds as bitcoins, or on mobile.

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