Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to find the access to the present moment

Present moment awareness
In the mind there're rooms. In each room there's a sound calling.

Have you had that feeling when there're lots of sounds needing you to do something, and you got confused for not answering them.

Why you still witnessing them when its needed to do something..

In your mind, everything goes more complicated that reality. There're things you see impossible, but there're lots of people did them. there're scary ideas, worries, and limited thoughts.

You feel that you're prisoned in that mind you had built since childhood.

In the heart, there's only one sound speaking with no words. It always trying to tell you something you can't understand because of the noise in your mind.

The heart feel, doesn't think.

In each one there's heart, and mind. You can't live with only one of them. you need them both to grow up..

The heart is telling things without words, while the mind doesn't stop talking every single second. The mind use thoughts to associate you with your old experiments exist in the past, and your dreams in the future. The brain is like the control panel to the mind, and its that place from which you can live in present.

The brain is the bridge between the mind and the heart. It contains feelings, thoughts, experiments, and creativity.

If your mind still pulling you towards the past or the future then, you're in a place too far from the brain. In the brain, you might regain that wide thinking and vivid imagination you've lost since long time.

In the brain, there're lots of great talks, instincts protecting you, racing thoughts for keeping you alert, creative dreams, and continuous planning.

From the brain, there're tons of instructions moving through every nerve reaching every muscle in the body, including the heart.

The soul is that amazing creature combining, and containing all these great creatures together in the present moment. The present moment is the clue. It’s the perfect timing from which you can know your true self, feel your heart, understand your mind, and take control of your life.
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Saturday, May 19, 2018

How to be meditative while awake

Meditative while awake
When the mind calm down, you begin to feel that inner peace and comfort flowing through your brain and body.

Its that state when you stop forcing your reality and thoughts. When you let everything take its real move, the mind begin to pay attention to the present moment when there's something require that.

That quite state of mind could happen anytime, praying, reading, walking, or speaking to someone.

Just stop pulling your mind from its comfort zone, and keep doing what you're doing. At some point, the mind will come back, and pay attention to what's happening.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Meditation: The art of seeing the big picture

Meditate to see the big picture
Pay attention to every single detail.

While meditating, pay attention to your breath in, space, breath out, space.

Meditation is paying attention to the components forming something like breathing. You might got bored of doing it before, but expanding your focus to cover the little details forming something is your way to see bigger image.

By doing that, you'll see your breathing as a puzzle that consists of 4 pieces which you can start from any of them. Starting with your breath out means relaxing, starting with your breath in means awakening, and starting with the space means inner peace.

Your mind goes complicated due to these old thought combination. Its how you used to see things from upper view with less details. You can enjoy seeing more detailed image without going deeper. Its to expand your focus over details.
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Sunday, May 6, 2018

The reason why you can't meditate anymore

Can't meditate anymore
There's a fact says that your mind wouldn't stop thinking until you reach what you planned for. Even it could damage your life slowly when you fix your position.

Mindfulness is your way to live with the least potential ever. There's no creativity with mindfulness. Its main job is to restrict your mind, and make you feel weak towards what's happening.

You decide to live in present while there's a future require planning, and past require learning.

Our minds travel from the past to the future with ultimate speed. We've gifted that mind for a reason. You might feel stuck for fixing your current timing to be in present.

There might be lots of great things you left in the past. The present would be great because of the past, and the future.

Learning from the past, and planning for the future is the key to live with full potential.

I've used mindfulness since years, and it made my life miserable.

Think of your mind as someone living inside you for a reason. Its your way to achieve goals, overcome challenges, and think creative.

For how long you'll neglect these useful thoughts your mind is forming every second. When you pay attention to them, you'll possibly regain your lost creativity. 

The mind is that strong association between you, your brain, and your body.
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What happens when someone open your short link

Custom url shortener

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For the reason that most of the Internet users dislike short links, Adfly is offering two useful features:

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Why to clarify the whispering sound

Convert whisper to sound

There's a very loud sound telling you what to do. It comes from nowhere, and doesn't stop talking. It might be the sound of someone you trust.

You've used to hear it. Its familiar to you. Sometimes, it control your behavior, and sometimes, inspire you with great ideas.

The beauty in details

When you decide to start a meditation session, picking less details means achieving more success.

Your mind wouldn't handle any thought overload. Even your breathing might seem complicated to your mind.

Once a day, a plus sound in my back head calmed my mind, and made me spent more than one hour without thinking.

The inner you have

It should be your greatest moments ever. When you decide to stop any mental activity, and just listen to what's going inside yourself.

There're lots of great things waiting to be discovered. A few minutes everyday enough to bring them to your consciousness.

A few hours, days, months, or years they will be a part of your human behavior.
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Friday, May 4, 2018

How to understand thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box examples

Does watching movies increase creativity? My favorite movies are Need for speed, Limitless, Lucy. When Imogen Poots said bus.bus.bus that reminded me with the bus story.

Stuck in the bridge

A child suggested to decrease the air pressure of the four wheels so, the bus height will be less than the bridge.

The sunken ship

After they had no solution, someone suggested to fill the ship with ping balls so, its weight will decrease, and it will float.

The empty box

An engineer in a Chinese factory suggested to use a fan for eliminating the empty boxes moving on a conveyor belt.

The farmer's daughter

She picked a stone randomly, and stumbled. Because the stone she left was black, she supposed that what she chosen was white. That's how it saved his father.

Last words

Edward Debono suggests to use images while thinking. They make thinking more elastic and creative. Sometimes, you might be in need to destroy logic when it seems limited.
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Listen to your heart observe your mind

Learning to listen to your heart
Have your heard of someone loved to share every moment in his life?

Every detail is important for a famous one, but mean persons don't like to share their depressing moments.

Emotions don't change that fast. It take years for one's heart to change what it feels. Your mind can't do anything with that. There's no thoughts could change what you feel.

Under any circumstances, there's no hope to change one emotion until it changes itself.

If you don't have access to emotions then, you're losing life second by second.

You can't think of a bright future until you change a miserable reality. What makes a miserable reality is a miserable past or limited thinking.

You might believe that, but we humans are controlled by these emotions we neglected since childhood. The wide world inside the heart hasn't been visited for years. And that's why you feel powerless towards emotions. You don't understand them.

Emotions could give you a little push, protect you from danger, or alert you to remember something you forgot. They're the core of your human existence, your creative moments, your great inventions, and your bright future.

You should renew your friendship with emotions, these old friends you left behind, and complain from them today.

Like the music guide you through a movie, emotions guide you through life.
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Thursday, May 3, 2018

5 Low to zero cost small businesses you can practice anytime

I want to start a small business but have no money

You won't feel you're making progress until you get your first dollar weather from affiliate marketing or rapid typing.

They both are one of the most effective things to succeed online, and cover the living payments.

But, they wasn't that ease. I had spent many years trying to figure out how affiliate marketing works, and during that time, my rapid typing job caught me.

Nowadays, anything could help you make money from home. I've tried and read about these 5 small businesses, and you can try them with low or zero cost right now or anytime.

1.Buy & sell domains

Its not allowed to sell a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Blogger blog because they're hosted on domains you don't own.

I've thought once to by a domain. Tried Flippa, but it was too expensive.

On Hostgator, you can get domain for only 0.99$.

2.Search engine marketing

I was believing that having a paid domain increase search ranking. 

That was in the past until my post 5 Adfly tricks to increase your earnings by 20 - 100% appeared in the first page of Google, the first result, for the keyword Adfly earning tricks.

Appearing in the first page doesn't need hard focus. You can do that easily by picking a keyword with low search volume, and low competition.

You can integrate the Keywords everywhere extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser to figure out any keyword's search volume, price, and competition.

3.Direct referrals

If you don't have money to spend online, you'll have to figure out a way to get referrals.

Its your only way to succeed with affiliate marketing, and make money online.

The only way to do that is finding your product's selling point, writing a product description, and sharing your description in the comments area.

To know what's unique about your product, put it in comparison with other similar products.

Related: How to promote two similar products & earn from both

4.Rapid typing

You'll need your writing speed to be 50 WPM or more.

If you don't know how to write faster, download the Rapid typing tutor.

To expert rapid typing, learn how to format your Word document. The rapid typer's main job is to convert scanned documents into Word format, and formatting every page well.

That's how to make your customers happy, and keep their loyalty.

You can learn new skills in addition to normal typing like writing math equations, Power point, Excel, Access, or Translation so, you can get paid from many sources, and increase your earnings.

5.Sell old stuff

In the past, I was interested to sell my old phones. That wasn't profitable anymore, but seemed interesting that time.

Now, its easier to buy or sell anything online.

You can use Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Souq.com

Pick one of your old stuff, write a description, and don't forget to include as much details as you can.
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Have you had creative times before?

What age are you most creative

An apple fell on Isaac Newton's forehead inspired him. After he wondered why it fell that direction not the opposite, that led him to explore the gravity.

Some problems seems impossible to solve until something outside the context happen. Sometimes one of your old friends just appear in your life to remind you with something you forgot in the past.

That happened to me. During these depressing months after graduation, and when I was at home, one of my old friends asked me to work with him. The same thing happen because of your subconscious mind.

Its that old museum in which there're great things waiting to be discovered. On the other hand, there's your conscious mind which reminds you with what to do, and neglect any thought outside your comfort zone.

Your conscious mind might prevent you from reaching your creative potential. Its too limited, and use logic, but the first rule to think creative is to break the rules.

I had better chance to find new ideas in the past where my conscious mind was relaxed. I've used to wake up early, think before sleeping, play, solve cross words, have new friends. There was great things happening there.

But, now I feel that my subconscious mind is too far to reach because of my conscious mind. It doesn't stop thinking using its old ways, and that decrease my chance to think creative.

In fact, I'm interested now to know how to regain that old friend, the subconscious mind. Sometimes, I think of a way to destroy my whole thinking, or forget it for a few seconds. That makes me more confident.

Your conscious mind could see possible things impossible. You might had great experiences in the past, but when writing there's nothing to share. There're fears of writing, blocks, and lack of inspiration. All of that happen because of the same thing.

On the other hand, if you had limited beliefs in the past, your subconscious mind will do its best to act as it sees through them.

If you believe that you can't write, your subconscious mind will make sure to do anything makes your writing horrible.

So, you're trapped between your subconscious mind limited beliefs, and your conscious mind limited thinking like a slice of chess between two pieces of bread.

At sometimes in my life, I've found myself able to do good things while my conscious and subconscious mind active. While my limited beliefs were active, I've thought once of what to do, and found it interesting. That helped me to do something was impossible in the past.

In addition to those creative dreams and insights I had. It seemed like there's someone else living inside my brain in addition to them. Someone inspired me every time I had a problem, and helped me to overcome challenges one by one. 

Its that creative brain still in somewhere far from your conscious and subconscious mind, doing its best to keep you on the right path.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to avoid living a meaningless life

My life is meaningless and empty
After I kept myself away from dreaming and looking forward, only a miserable reality left in present.

There's no hope for my mind to still in present. Instead, it travels through time from the past to the future. It doesn't have the skill to change what's happening right now.

My brain on the other hand think randomly with many thoughts.

If you're in a place like that where there's no clue, no hope to change anything, what you'll do?

How to live a meaningful life?

You might read about mindfulness, creative thinking, or neuroscience, and found it interesting to know about your brain and life. It should, but how to benefit from that?

If a technique worked with someone, would it work for you? I had tried many of them since long time, but nothing worked than my dad told me.

He told me things like that:

  • Try again.
  • Be ready for the worst could happen.
  • Go outside.
  • Read.
  • Use your spare time.
  • Have new friends.

His advice "Try again" helped me to overcome my depression during faculty.

When you hear something like that, you feel like you've left something behind you. Its that state of mind when you decide to fix something you've broken.

"Go outside" taught me that I'm not alone in the world. There're other people's lives, dreams, interests, and actions. That helped me to pay a little attention to others, and forget my selfishness.

When you have new friends, you're allowing your brain to make new neural pathways, and see life as if new.

He also taught me to use my planning mind. When I think of the worst could happen, my brain will develop a plan B.

Spare time could help you learn new things, and could damage yourself. If you don't have anything to do with your spare time, don't suppose it as a punishment, its a gift.
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How to understand yourself well

At someday, after I felt boring, decided to read some books about psychology. It was old one, and complicated.

I was and still fascinated about psychology. Its that window from which you can explore great things about yourself. Means to understand what's going inside.

After I failed to solve the 9 dots puzzle, thought that there're interesting things inside my brain, but don't have the ability to access them. That's why I gave psychology and neuroscience most of my focus.

On the other hand, I have doubts about myself. Every time I face a problem or challenge, find that discouraging sound saying that I don't have enough intelligence to solve it.

But, there's a few believes saying that everyone born creative, everyone could think creative, or creativity is free.

So, I have that struggle between my encouraging and discouraging sounds all the time. Sometimes, I feel myself able to do great things, and sometimes feel myself weak, and don't able to do anything.

What I found during my whole life is that: There's two persons speaking to me all the time, one of them is obvious, and the other is mysterious.

The mysterious one speak like whispering, telling me great things about myself and the world. Its that sound gifted me with inspirational moments, and unexpected solutions for my problems, but that happened at unexpected times.

The obvious sound was discouraging all the time. It doesn't stop telling me that I failed many times in the past, and sharing disappointing moments with me all the time. It made me feel hopeless and weak.

According to my little knowledge about psychology, my obvious sound was telling all the time without having the ability to change anything. In addition, I'm doing hard effort to know what my whispering sound is trying to say.

Finally, you can't reach that whispering sound until you shut of that obvious discouraging sound. Sometimes, you might have a few seconds to understand what is says, but its too far to reach.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Moving your eyes horizontally increase creativity

Eye movement brain activity
I read once that I can use both brain hemispheres by increasing the cross talk between them. And that could happen by hiring them for one job.

Activities to think with both brain hemispheres

  • Observer an object moving from left to right for 30 seconds.
  • Move your eyes horizontally between two objects on your right and left side.
  • Use your imagination to activate many parts of your brain at the same time.


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Mental math tricks: How to become a human calculator

Human calculator tricks
Can you figure out the result of (12.5 * 16) without using a calculator?

That might take a few minutes to solve. It contains fractures and odd numbers.

The latest nonscientific researches found that the brain can think fast and slow. Also, it can mix them when solving problems.

You can easily say 1 + 1 = 2 using your fast thinking, and say 133 + 124 = 257 using your slow thinking or the calculator, but at somewhere there will be no time to use the calculator or your slow thinking.

At those times when math seems challenging, your brain will figure out how to solve something like 12.5 * 16 without even thinking.

You can do like the brain does by using a little trick.

You can multiply 12.5 * 2, and divide 16 /2 so, it will be 25 * 8 then, you can use the same trick again to become 50 * 4, and now its too easy to find the result, which will be 200.

Everyone could become genius in math by knowing the way his brain does it. You can use the way's I've tried over years, and worked with me.

Develop math abilities

Your fast thinking can solve 1 + 1 in a second, while your slow thinking can solve something like that (134 + 551). Sometimes, you will need to use both of them.

For example: To solve 17 + 19, you can separate them into ('10 + 10' + '7 + 9'), or add (+1) to 19 and (-1) to 17 ('17 - 1' + '19 + 1') means (16 + 20), and the result will be 36.

You can apply the same trick on odd numbers, and numbers with fractions. 

For example: 12 * 1.5 could be solved ('12/2' * '1.5*2') means (6 * 3) which equals 18.

You can improve your math abilities by mixing your fast and slow thinking while doing calculations.

Learn accountancy

You can measure the profit by gathering all spent money in one column, what you earned in another column, and get the result by subtracting them.

For example: If you spent (5$ hosting, 10$ campaign, 20$ Internet) and earned (3$ website, 5$ affiliate marketing, 30$ selling old stuff) then, you'll need to combine all rows in the spent column (5 + 10 + 20), combine all rows in the earned column (3 + 5 + 30) means (spent 35, earned 38), and subtract them (38 - 35 = 3$).

Challenge yourself

In the near past, I've used to solve complicated math equations during secondary school. One night, I was trying to solve one, and reached a dead end.

In the early morning, my brain just figured out how to solve it without thinking. It was a good think to fetch my mind, and let the thinking process expand making my creative brain work on it.

You can easily program your creative brain to work on your problems by following the same process.
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Monday, April 30, 2018

4 Secrets my brain told me about life

Interesting facts about the brain
After I close my eyes, and inside that darkness, there's a creative genius show up slowly. Its the brain.

According to science, the brain is the most complicated biological device in the universe. Its too smart, and has the ability to handle many things at the same time.

According to artists, the brain is their unlimited source or creativity. Its what makes them enjoy doing things, and have excited lives.

According to scientists, the brain is what gift them with innovative ideas. Its what make them spend nights thinking to figure out how to solve a problem.

According to me, the brain is my wise friend exist inside my body. Someone can protect me from danger, help me to overcome challenges, change my life slowly, and make me special.

As you know, we humans are in a place near the mind not the brain. The mind can understand us better, and tell the brain what to do. If both of them reacted in harmony, you'll be able to do great things, but that seems impossible to happen.

You'll feel stuck due to that, and sometimes when your mind calm down, you'll hear a sound like whispering inside your head, telling you great things about yourself, and life.

Whenever you calm down, the brain will show up, and tell you things like this:

Every problem has a solution

The thinking interested to find solutions is more effective than that thinking busy in problems.

Searching for a solution or alternative makes you more creative. That allows your brain to use a more creative thinking patterns, and leading you to extraordinary solutions.

Challenges provoke creativity

Challenge is something outside your comfort zone. It forces your brain to think in a new way.

By challenging yourself, you can get the best of your brain. Playing chess, solving cross words, or planning makes your creative juice flow, and increase your creative output.

The mind can't change itself

Sometimes, the brain consider the mind as a thought. You can't solve complicated problems because of the mind. It uses the same thinking patterns used before.

But the brain can think more creatively by combining old thoughts into creative ideas.

Present is the key

Inside the brain, there's no past, there's no future, there's only present.

Its the moment in which you can create new things, and make real progress. Present is the path to your unlimited creativity. 

Being present doesn't need more thinking. That requires to stay calm, and do nothing.
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