Marketers: Customer needs is the secret for online success

Internet marketers see that: Becoming aware of consumers needs, behavior, and interest is the secret to grow their businesses and succeed online.

Then, according to how customers think your first campaign would be more effective and successful.
How to create a marketing campaign?
At every stage of your campaign, you would need with a marketing strategy to find customers, convert, and communicate with them.

See this video to learn how marketers get customers through campaigns. And how to establish yours.

Best websites to watch videos and get paid

People share their passion with videos.

You must seen lots of them on the Internet and loved to share with your friends.

But, haven't you thought before that you can earn money while watching videos.

Yes, that's true.

For many reasons, Youtubers want their new videos to get more views, Getting subscribers, Earning from Adsense, or going viral.

Then, you would find thousands of them promoting videos and adding money to your wallet while watching them.

You wouldn't get much money but, you can get side money to pay for hosting, make advertising campaign, or buy a new domain.

So, lets get started.

These 5 websites have low minimum payout. Use them withdraw fast and make some extra cash.

QuickrewardsAmericans and Canadians use it to play games, surf sites, make surveys, and watch videos. You can withdraw funds via paypal, voucher for amazon, Walmart or the Disney store.
SwagbucksIt is the best site will pay for you to enjoy watching videos by installing their search bar to your browser a…

Get many people reading your words

Writing give the ability to express thoughts.

Interested people love reading content written with passion.

Many new posts get zero shares on social media because, they sound boring.

My writing sound boringAt the time everyone has the ability to write great things, Inner critic prevent your best thoughts from appearing on paper or empty blank.

Just allow thoughts to flow. As what experts demanded:

Stop judging while writingAs inner critic prefer doing things with no mistakes, it would steal your chance in expressing yourself by writing.

You should forget judgments to write from heart then, you can edit.

Let mistakes happenBoth brain hemispheres think differently. Right brain is random and use imagination. and Left brain is organized and prefer logic.

You still use 50% of the brain?
Even great writers practice free writing before writing.
You should let mistakes happen in order to activate that creative part of your brain.
Write better words Start saving your brain from judgments and allow your cre…

How to increase your earnings from paid emails?

Email advertising websites send their users paid emails in a form of text or images.

Then, when your inbox updated you earn a payout could reach 0.8$.

You have to do nothing than reading emails and earning a punch of money.

eRmail is one of those websites pay for their users to navigate their inbox and read paid emails.

At this point, your balance should be around 12$ or more. It doesn't equal your minimum payout.

Your minimum payout could be 50$ or 100$. Then, you have to do your best in order to withdraw.

But, there's a good thing. 

Websites like eRmail offer many ways of earning money beside reading paid emails.

You are allowed to increase your balance by:

Taking surveys Watching videos

And more. 

You would explore other ways of earning inside your eRmail dashboard. So you can increase your balance and get your first withdrawal.

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eRmail reward people for reading emails. What else you can do..

Email adds are too noisy.

You might seen lots of them while reading your emails.

But, what if you can ignore them and earn a punch of money every time you receive a new email message.

Yes, that could happen.

Get paid to read emailseRmail is an email advertising network pay for its users to read paid emails.

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It send advertising about the latest news in the U.S. market as text or images in the form of email message.

After signing up you would earn 10$ registration gift + 2$ for downloading their email software.

In addition, you can increase your balance by taking questionnaires, watching videos. 

Every email message send to your inbox worth up to 0.8$.

If your mind still make noise, Would that affect creativity?

I remember that night during high school I was trying to solve a very complicated math issue.

And the more I thought about it, the more noisy I felt.

I've found that forcing my mind to think made it too noisy, and explored the in that next day.

In the early morning after I've stopped over thinking, the solution just appeared!

Then, I deducted that decreasing that noise running inside my mind would increase my chance to become more creative.

But, Does anyone have a chance to stop that noise?

The key to calm your mindObserving your mind is the key to establish a creative mindset. 

It is that thing differ creative thinkers from normal people. Besides its ability to turn your life in few seconds if used the right way.
Just observeYou wouldn't do more mental exercises than noticing what happen inside your brain when taking a decision. 

Then, the next time you tend to meet someone you hate, have a look inside your brain and you would know really what is observation?, and its ability to f…

Survey sites pay for your opinion. Get a registration gift

During my online search I found something interesting on Youtube.

It was a video speaking about a way to make money by reading emails and taking surveys in addition to a registration gift 10$.

After listening to the video, I tended to open the referral link in description.

I've signed up and earned 10$ registration gift + 2$ for downloading their email software.

On the other hand, I've signed up to another great website that pay for completing surveys and viewing advertisement.

After all, I had explored two easy ways to make money from home during my online search that you can use them:
AWSurveys - Complete surveys and earn moneyIts a website based on the user opinion towards a specific website, video, or application. 

It pays for its users to evaluate websites, and to refer people to sign up.

Let me in
eRmail - Get paid to read emailseRmail is solicited email advertising network pay for its users to read paid emails, download their software, taking surveys, and referring people.

Get in…