Saturday, April 21, 2018

3 Reasons why the brain is better when solving problems

What times does the brain work best
The first time I had new idea was in the early morning.

After my mind did its best, I gone to sleep. It was another night without dreams. When I woke up earlier, my mind was relaxed, and my brain was active.

Since long time, I've used to do nothing after thinking hard of something. A few minutes later, my brain will figure out how to solve a complicated problem.

Inspiration is unexpectable

Inspiration wont strike until you reach a dead point. And when you try to bring it on purpose, you'll get nothing. Instead, you should forget everything before inspiration strikes.

Thinking hard wasn't helpful that night. I,ve spent hours without reaching anything new.

The mind is predictable

The mind is faster than the brain, but it feel tired too fast. So, you can trust the brain when having a very complicated problem. Its better in doing that.

The mind consume too much energy while thinking. It uses old thinking patterns that you've used in the past. It deduct a future evens based on the past. And it doesn't like living in the present moment.

New ideas come from nowhere

Think about it. Doing nothing for a few minutes wouldn't cost anything. Otherwise, you can reach something new by letting your brain think not your mind.

That night I was looking deeply at a complicated math equation. And after my mind tried everything without solving it, my brain brought me the solution in the early morning, even without thinking.

Finally, new ideas are available anytime and anywhere until you stop forcing them to strike.
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How to activate IDM & Google Adsense

Activate idm and Google adsense
There was only one day left before IDM expires.

After seeing the warning message, I opened default programs from start menu, unistalled IDM, and installed it again. That didn't worked.

IDM preactivated version

After I got the same warning message again, I opened Google, and wrote "Internet download manager preactivated version".

It didn't matter which kind of links to click that time. There was a download link shortened by Adfly.

Instead of downloading, I thought how much money that blogger is earning every second, and the answer was confusing a little.

In addition to installing scripts to your dashboard, you can earn money on Adfly by shortening links. But, not any kind of links.

You'll need these links that everyone needs to click. Your visitors will must click download links that contain serials, cracks, or one of their favorite movies.

So, if you have that kind of links, you will definitely earn lots of money. Or you can't if you don't.

Google Adsense alternative

In fact, I've tried Adfly since long time. I integrated it with my Youtube channel, Blogger blog, and social accounts. It didn't earned me except for a few pences since that time.

But, the ideas was good. You can use Adfly as alterntive to Google Adesne, if you didn't got approval. So, you will begin to make money on Youtube, and Blogger too.

I didn't made lots of money with Adfly, but if you have traffic and download links, you'll make auto-money. Their forum and announcements area would help you increase your earnings by 20 – 100%.

Their minimum payout is 5$, which you can withdraw on Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, or deposit to your advertiser account.

You can use Adfly to promote your CPA offers too. Campaigns there starts at 5$.

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Earn money whenever they view advertisements

How to make money online

Do you know Adfly?

You might noticed that few of your friends are sharing,, or links. 

Most of social media users like that kind of links "short links" so, whenever you share them, your posts will get more shares, and likes more than before.

Adfly is another link shortening service that you can use to share your links after shortening them, and earn money.

Get paid for viewing ads

When someone open your short link, an intermediate page that contain advertising will show up. 

Your visitor should wait 5 seconds then, click the skip ad button to reach his link destination, and earn you a payout.

The payout you get will vary according to your visitors home countries. 

For example: When you share a link and get 1000 visits from USA then, you'll earn up to 20$.

Make money blogging without Adsense

If you have a website or blog then, you can install their monetization scripts to your dashboard, and earn money from everyone enter or leave your homepage.

You can withdraw your earnings whenever they reach 5$ on Paypal, Payoneer, or Payza.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

The first key to writing is to write not to think

Finding forrester writing tips

The way you speak the way you write.

Like you can't speak without words, you can't write without words.

But, words will run away whenever you ask. Writing come naturally from the heart not the mind so, you can't write until you know how to feel.

At those times when you feel stuck, blaming your mind wouldn't gone work. Instead, you have to fetch your heart first. It's the main source from which your best words will show up.

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When the heart believe, the mind will follow

Power of bleief
What if someone shared your new content, would you keep writing?

A dopamine rush is enough to activate your lazy brain, and calm your noisy mind. Your brain's rewarding system produce dopamine whenever you succeed. The more you succeed, the more dopamine you'll get.

But, a few people can succeed. Success is your way to make progress. Its opposite word is failure, and it exist everywhere on the planet.

I felt the joy of success since long time, but now I knew what the word failure exactly means.

When you feel useless, fear, worry, and sadness most of the day then, you're experiencing failure. Its too depressing word. Just say it, and see what happens in your body.

You're trying so bad to succeed in anything. On the other hand, it still stealing your life. Its not allowed to succeed again. There're many beliefs holding you back.

One of them will say:

That not gone work, you did that in the past.

Another one will say:

They're better than you.

And finally:

You can't do this.

Losers are prisoners to their beliefs. Every time they tend to succeed, their beliefs will hunt them.

It might take years to change them. Before making success, you have to convince yourself first. Neither the mind nor the brain will change anything. Only the heart could.
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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The only way to unleash your inner author

Unleash your inner author
"If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." Martin Luther said

During my life, I had many skills, but writing was my best one so, whenever I feel myself anxious, worry, or sad, I open new word document, and start writing.

In fact, I had used to write without following any rules. Sometimes, I publish my first draft!

You can call that free writing, conscious streaming, or anything. Its something I could use to express myself away from any restrictions.

I considered writing as my creative activity since long time. It was and still the only chance for my creative brain to show up, and fix my life.

Writing is great thing. While writing you can express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences only by using words. Its a skill that doesn't need hard effort. Instead, you need to enjoy writing for allowing your best words to appear.

So, whom feel stuck with writing should enjoy it first. That means to write just for writing, forget traffic, making money, and anything else except for writing.

On one hand, doing that makes your creative juice start flowing.

On the other hand, that makes you enjoy the present moment.

Write free to enjoy the present, forget the past, and the future. I'm not calling it a skill. Simply, its a very basic, but effective technique that anyone can use to express himself using words only.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The unknown talk provoked the brain to think creative

How to spark imagination and creativity

While you're trying to figure out what a group of birds are saying to each other, your mind is coming back slowly to the present moment.

Cars are speaking to each other too. There's a car moving to catch another one on the other road. They're popping, like the heart does. Have you felt that quite noise (bom.. bom..) when your mind ordered your brain to slow down?.

When the mind listen, the whole body will listen, including the heart.

Why the birds talk provoke creativity?

Its something strange, and spoken in unknown language. Your old thinking wont understand it.

As a result, it will pass it to your creative brain, which uses rhythms all the time so, it can easily understand the birds talk.

Music too has the same effect. You can't understand, but could feel it. It changes your thoughts structure while you're listening.

Thought, Pattern, Rhythm

Not only thoughts can help you understand the universe. There're rhythm too. With rhythm you can understand your deep emotions, thinking patterns, and life.

When the mind sees itself only, your thinking goes tiny. You feel like you're seeing the world from a needle hole. You're looking, but feel blind.


From time to time forget that you could think. Choose something speaking without words, and try to understand what it says. Give your mind the permission to listen, make it include the heart.
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Monday, April 16, 2018

How to promote two similar affiliate programs & earn from both

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

I always wondered, why some products sell although there're many like them.

During my affiliate journey, I knew that every product should have something special. That's how it stands among the crowd. 

Affiliate marketers are doing their best to find that term, marketers inserting it to their products too.

What's a unique selling point?

You can call it "the big benefit", and its referring to what differ your product from the rest. 

For example: AdYoume doesn't need payment account to withdraw funds, while Adfly needs. So, AdYoume is different from Adfly, although they both are link shorteners.

Note: Unique selling point is your proven way to make money with affiliate marketing. It ensure your success, but its too hard to find at the first time. You'll need to do additional effort before finding it.

On the other hand, there're easy ways you can use, not proven 100%, but could help you know what's unique about your affiliate product.

How to find your product's unique selling point?

You don't have to pay for someone to get it. Instead, you'll do it by yourself.

In simple, you'll do as the mind does. It loves comparing things together so, it can know what differs something from the other. 

By the way, that's how you can find what's unique about your product:

Make a comparison

Choose a niche that you're interested in, pick two products or websites, compaire them then, find the differences.

For example: I've picked AdYoume and Adfly

Adfly payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer, and Payza.

AdYoume payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Web money, CashU, Vodafone cash, and Bitcoin wallet.

So, here's the differences "Unique selling points" of AdYoume:
  • It doesn't need payment account, funds could be withdrawn on mobile.
  • Its an easy way to earn bitcoin without mining.

Also, you can do the same with any similar pair of products, see what's the differences, and deduct what unique selling points to use in promoting.

Although this method is very basic, it doesn't need money, and its rate of success over 50%. I mean, you can try it, and get your first dollar from affiliate marketing.

Here's my affiliate products if you want to give a try: Make money from home
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Why you should write the perfect headline

How to write attention grabbing headlines
On average, 8 out of 10 will read the headline, but 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Not any headline will catch their attention, and make them complete reading.

That's why copywriters and marketers pay too much attention to headlines. It’s the secret sauce of your writing, and business success. 

Headline is the magic window from which your readers will look, and get excited to read.

There's no doubt that attention grabbing headline is your fast way to get interested readers, loyal customers to your business, and prove your online success.

How to write attention grabbing headlines?

In fact, its not the easy thing that anyone could do. It might take years before knowing exactly how to write one. These few words toke me years of thinking, and searching the web.

Its too hard skill to learn, but if learnt it will totally change the way you think and write.

A headline is what makes your readers complete reading. It’s the questions that its answer exist in your first line or paragraph.

For example: If your first line is "The great scientist Salvador Dali was sitting relaxed on chair, holding a spoon in his hand, settled over a plate on the ground.." then, your headline would be "How great scientists reached their creative potentials, or How to solve problems creatively..".

Useful resources

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Becoming a better version of yourself

Becoming a better version of yourself
You're the hero of the movie.

You seem like someone in front of a TV screen, feel empathy with a child crying, feel anger of someone left school, feel proud of someone made success, feel quite to see what's going on..

Actually, you're doing the same inside the brain. It's the movie making expert, in which you're the hero of every movie produced, and the audience too!

You feel anxious to see yourself don't know what to do, feel worry about yourself towards what's coming, and feel sad to see yourself not able to achieve goals..

In fact, you're doing that because of emotions.

Emotions are what tight you with what's happening inside the brain & life. What drawn you in a movie are emotions. You're special because you've them.

Computers could think

You've a brain can think faster than any computer, a body can do very accurate movements than any robot, and emotions are what tight them together. 

Emotions are the closest thing to your human being. They're what link you with everything else inside yourself.
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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Self talk: Non-creatives way of living

Talking to yourself mental illness
Yourself: Its Facebook.

You: How you realized that its Facebook?

Yourself: It’s a website with gray background, its posts white, blue navigation menu, friends in the right, and find friends button in the left. Also, there's a footer under the menu beside the right corner.

Yourself: I've seen these words (Privacy – Terms – Facebook©  2018..) for the first time so, I realized that I'm in Facebook.

We humans are attached to the way everything ends. So, instead of knowing where we're, we usually get busy in what's happening, forgetting these frames we worked inside from the beginning.

In simple, you're drawn in your mind and life. That's why you don't have any idea how to think better or change your life. You're doing too much effort with the reason that your life is miserable.

Start from the start

After hard thinking and spending time, you'll find yourself again in the start point. Your brain is doing its best for bringing you back to your old beliefs, habits, thoughts, and feelings. That's why you're not able to change.

In addition, change might take years to become true. Its something against the way you used to think. You're seeking change while your brain is trying hard to fix your habits, and feed your old beliefs.

Ask a beginner

Everything online couldn't help you overcome at least one negative thought. They're speaking about techniques worked for individuals. And every human is unique & original. What worked for someone might not work for the other.

Besides, people who invented these techniques don't know anything about you. On the other hand, you know a lot, but don't have the power to change anything.

For example: I've decided to stop writing since long time, but don't know why I'm still writing until now.

Keep the rules

The brain is awesome, but too strange, and too hard to be understood. It’s the most complicated biological device in the universe. It’s the main reason for existence of great civilizations, inventions, and creative insights.

It’s a treasure, but there's many locks before it. And its too wide & complicated. You'll take years to understand at least one concept it uses everyday.

You don't know anything more than thoughts, feelings, but don't know how they made from the beginning. You're the user of your brain, but don't know how to make it work for you.
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2 Proven ways to get direct referrals for free

How to get free referrals
What brought someone might bring another one.

Every time I open my dashboard, I feel excited to know how much my referrals became. Although they were three the last time, I'm still have passion to write more posts about the Adfly referral program.

What's surprising that my referrals registered using my referral links which I dragged in posts that I've written since long time without paying any attention to them. They were something written, and forgotten.

Writing SEO content

With blogging, you'll need more patience before getting results. Being more patient help you know what works, which posts get comments, which posts your readers like to share, and which posts convert well.

In addition, most of blog posts that you wrote around specific keywords will bring real readers, and customers from search engines, whom will increase your traffic, and conversions.

So, If you want to know what I meant by that, you can analyze this post: 5 Adfly tricks to maximize your earnings by 20 - 100%


Another good way to get referrals is to use the comments area. Its more effective than posting.

On social media, especially Facebook, you can get direct referrals from the comments area. Even by dropping your link, or starting a conversation with someone.
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Why we need to create, How to think creative

Salvador Dali's creative thinking technique
A person is creative to the extent that he fulfills his potentialities as a human being. Carl Rogers

Creativity rely on openness. We humans don't only need to survive or adapt with the change. We need to relate to change, and become a part of it. Every human needs to be creative.

Your subconscious mind like a hydrant in the yard, and your conscious mind like a faucet upstairs in the house. The subconscious mind is a continuous stream of power from which thoughts reach to consciousness.

To think creative, you'll need to open your conscious mind to all coming thoughts. Like Salvador Dali did in his creative thinking technique.

Salvador Dali was thinking creative by associating his issue, challenge, project.. with the surreal images come to mind during these few seconds before sleep, and after awake.
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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Beware, Creativity is a double-edged weapon

Creativity is a double-edged weapon
Although Alfred Nobel invented the gunpowder to be used in mining, and transportation, it had been used in wars, and for killing people.

Be careful the next time you find new idea, or invent something. It could be used in a wrong way. Besides, you should do something for them more than putting them on paper.

Creative ideas are been made by your brain for the reason to solve problems, enhance life, not to be neglected, or used wrong.

To start with creativity, you'll need to put your mind in a new framework than your routine thinking. That's how to improve your thinking quality, and keep your creative juice flowing.

Creative problem solving

The advertising executive Alex Osborn invented brainstorming in 1938 to be used as a creative problem solving technique.

The brainstorming concept was allowing ideas to flow without restrictions, in which a group of people shout ideas out, for allowing a more wild ideas appear on surface, keep their creative juices flowing, and improve their ideas quality.

Art of deception

During the world war II (1939 - 1945), The United States army defeated the German army using a virtual unit called "Ghost army".

They brought college students, artists, and a few soldiers to create modules of tanks, rockets, and cannons that seem real if seen from far distances. That worked and made great success.

Creative dreams

In 1956 the German chemist August Kekule explored the structure of the benzene cycle in a dream.

In his dream, he saw a snake biting its tail, with a six dots organized in a hexagonal shape inside.


Creative ideas & inventions could be used badly. In addition, they has strange nature, come to mind at sudden times, and need more than recording to be used.
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How do you make money on the Internet

Make money online paypal
In the third world countries, unemployment rates increase everyday.

That's why qualification holders have no chance to find their dream jobs. Competition too increase in parallel with unemployment. After finding a job, you'll need to prove yourself first in order to keep growing.

On the other hand, to cover the living payments, there's no escape from finding any job. So, lots of qualification holders decided to exchange that miserable reality with better one.

As a result, lots of them thought of using Google as their way to achieve their dreams instead of suffering from their realities.

Ways to make money with Google

You can find & learn anything online. Write a few words in Google then, you'll get thousands of relevant websites, images, videos, books..

Earning websites are offering easy ways for their members to make money online, and affiliate commission per life.

After signing up for one of them, you'll get a unique affiliate link that you can share online, and get commission on every signup.

Your commission reach up to 70% on their earnings. Not too much money, but good to cover the living payments, pay for hosting, or buy new domain.

These websites pay you to do simple actions like clicking, watching, answering, or downloading. In simple, they pay you to do what you're doing everyday for free.
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